• DLS Jama (Disc Lock) - 3 Mild Steel Keys | Disc Lock - 65mm, 75mm, 80mm & 90mm
  • Multipurpose Tri-gon - Furniture Locks - Multi Purpose Locks
  • First Time in India - Push Button Mortise Handle Sets - Jolt, Stappler, and Roma
A Smart Digital Door Lock for Office and Home Security in an Affordable Range.- Awakey Smart Digital Lock

Company Profile

In 1965, Mr Prem Chand Jain, founded “Jainson”, a Pan-India Brand, which would provide high-quality security solutions. Since then, the company has continued to provide innovative products with a focus on value for money and quality. With each passing day, the company has achieved customers’ satisfaction and with immense focus on customer service, technology and skill the company has been able to provide locks that are secure, trustworthy and trendy.

Human beings tend to secure everything that is important to them immaterial of whether it is a thing or a relationship. For over 50 years, Jainson has been providing peace of mind to people with homes and other establishments and has been successful in building a relationship with the community. With our experience, we have understood that people love freedom and security. This secure feeling is what we aim to provide to our customers.

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