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Jainson Locks For Matchless Security

JAINSON Group is a renowned Indian locks manufacturer since 1955. With the motto, 'Quality before Variety', Jainson Locks continues to build upon its spirit of innovation, value and better quality for the customer.

Generations of people have grown up with Jainson Locks products at home, School and work.

As the remarkable manufacturer and exporter of Pad Locks, Internal Door Locks, Internal Shutter and Godown locks, Internal Furniture Locks, Mortice Locks and Mortice Handles continues to build best quality and value products into its expanding lines of Security Industry. As safety and security gain importance with the world's consumers, Jainson Locks continues to develop products that present tidy security solutions.

We are proudly here with a huge collection of quality locks at affordable price. 

More items to consider

  • Diamond - Double Side Lock

  • Classic Locks

  • Kranti

  • R-121 Colour - Body Steel/ Grey Colour/ 2 Steel

  • D.L.C. Body Steel Locks

  • E-4 Body Brass/ 2 C.P. Brass

  • Hardy LS-02

  • Hardy Locks

  • Power Lock

  • Comet

  • Tuff-Brass Plated

  • Multipurpose Gold

  • Multipurpose Round

  • Multipurpose Ovel Lock

  • Multipurpose Silver Lock

  • Baby Latch - Diamond

  • Eco- BCP

  • Elegant- Brass

  • llite S.S

  • Ovel Brass

  • Ovel S.S

  • Ovel Silver Gold

  • Pulto CY

  • Door Lock Bullet with Latch-Body Steel/ 3 Steel

  • Door Lock Sleek

  • Godown Lock

  • Godown Lock Solid

  • Center Shutter 1 T

  • Center Shutter Pin. Cyl.

  • Center Shutter Sumo

  • Center Shutter Ultra

  • Capat lock

  • Almira Lock

  • Capat-Steel Lock

  • CBL Premium

  • Baby Latch SS Lock

  • Baby Latch Lock Brass Latch

  • Baby Latch Heavy

  • Ultra Key

  • drawer lock ultima

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